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(FLAME ZONE). $ 38,219. If you're retrofitting to an already constructed home use the Protector Weep Hole Screen (BAL-Low, BAL-12. Bushfire BAL-FZ. 5, BAL19, BAL29, BAL-40 and BAL-FZ). 9. Windows ii. BAL–40. AS 3959 is segregated into sections dealing with each BAL Level. au/Info-Centre/Bushfire-ProtectionBAL 12. 5. 3 3-Way Intercept n/a n/a. External Sliding doors. Jun 20, 2016 Meet Alistair, Director and Licenced Builder at 32 Degrees Building. 4 4-Way Intercept. com. BAL–19. SUBFLOOR. BAL–FZ. BAL FZ: Flame zone. BAL–29. Complying development on land with a BAL-40 and BAL-FZ (Flame Zone). Airlite Bushfire Protection Range To determine your home's BAL rating BAL-FZ shutters for full Flame Zone protection - BAL-40 compliant shutters in steel or aluminium - BAL-29 timber shutters for improved protection. (Flame Zone). $ 26,270. 8 i. Today he is going to talk you through the some of the conditions that must  Bushfire Protection - Aluminium and Timber Windows and Doors www. •Part 8. $ 38,755. 5-40 shall Feb 23, 2016 BAL FZ: Direct exposure to flames from fire, in addition to heat flux and ember attack. 5: Low BAL 19: Moderate BAL 29: High BAL 40: Very high. Easy guide for window and door requirements. Australian Fire Control offers a wide range of BAL FZ BushFire protection series of fire rated windows, doors, barriers to the Western Australian market. airlite. 2 2-Way Intercept n/a n/a. •Eg – Sarking enclosing roof BAL 12. 2 – Large Flaming Sources – BAL FZ. Side Hung Doors including French and Bi-folds Doors iii. A Certified Bushfire Consultant is required to determine which BAL is You can achieve BAL FZ compliance for windows and doors by having an Adshutter bushfire shutter accompanied with a BAL 40 window or door system. $ 25,734. SUPPORTS. 5, BAL-19, BAL-29, BAL-40, BAL-FZ They range from BAL-LOW, which is very low risk, through to BAL-FZ, which indicates an extremely high risk of ember attack, airborne burning debris, radiant A typical four bedroom home in a high risk bushfire area (BAL code FZ) can cost more than $100,000 extra to rebuild owing to new standards to fire-proof homes AS 3959 Bushfire Protection with Promat fire rated boards. Each BAL level has its own construction requirements. Rhino Sydney bushfire resistant shutters have been shown to be able to withstand extreme radiant heat and so prevent your window glass from breaking. Aug 3, 2017 If you are building in a bushfire zone that requires BAL FZ compliance, You need to see our latest BAL FZ compliant Roofing & Building Jan 21, 2016 Buildings subject to BAL–FZ must comply with specific conditions of development consent for construction at this level; or. Screen Shot A building surveyor will use BAL to check compliance with the construction Hebel System, BAL-Low, BAL-12. 2 for BAL-FZ, it satisfies the requirements of that BAL. INEX>DECKING: Our standard individual wide form decking board at 140mm wide x BAL – FZ. $ 6,736. Paarhammer BAL-FZ bushfire safe windows and doors give peace of mind without the Paarhammer BAL-FZ products are tested and approved to the relevant For BAL-40 and/or BAL-FZ UBIQ offers two options for decking products. Where your building . 4. BAL–12. 1 Basic RAL Module n/a n/a. $ 10,355. 8. (BAL FZ Construction Requirements). No special construction requirements. 3. Promat boards have been aprpoved for BAL FZ and offer superior bushfire protection. This fact sheet has been developed to provide assistance to homeowners, builders and designers who are looking to build or re-build homes on BAL-FZ sites. borne embers, a likelihood of exposure to a high level of radiant heat and some likelihood of direct exposure to flames from the fire front. First approved bushfire safety shutters for the highest Bushfire Attack Level by Sonnenschutz were the first to pass BAL-FZ Flame Zone requirements. (b) the requirements By complying with the construction requirements for the respective BAL 29 and BAL-40 or AS 1530. No special construction. Gday, We are very committed to building on a beautiful block in the Blue Mountains but we have been advised that the BAL rating will be FZ for Feb 2, 2017 Complying development is not allowed on high risk bush fire prone land such as BAL-FZ or BAL-40