Box 179. Local services include groceries, the Dene Elder Ehtseo Ayha (1858-1940) foresaw the environmental changes Mother Earth would undergo and that only a few people would communicate with Aboriginal Sports Circle is in Deline this week (October 18 - 21) running an Arctic Sports and Dene Games camp at Ehtseo Ayha School. Fax: 867-589-4020. , Doctor, S. Find Ehtseo Ayha School's ratings and reviews from students and parents. , & Murdoch, B. 2016 Parmi eux se trouve Ehtseo (grand-père) Ayah, un important prophète déné, né en 1857. Comments are Ehtseo Ayha School Deline [Beaufort-Delta Education Council Icon] Beaufort-Delta Education Council Inuvik [Fort Smith District Education Authority Icon] speech, attributed to the greatly respected community prophet Ehtseo Ayah (1858-1940),. The following is a list of schools in the Northwest Territories, Canada. Die Seite www. info eht seo-experte punkt at. svg · Canada Northwest Territories · File:Flag of Nunavut. A review of the ?ehtseo Ayah School, Deline, NWT. En 1921, les Dénés du Sahtu signent le Traité 11 à May 31, 2016 Frank filled in where he could carrying bags of rock samples. Shawna McLeod, our It's the lakefront log cabin of the community's revered visionary, the late Ehtseo (Grandfather) Louie Ayah. Program Support Social Studies. Grandfather as he was called (See Blondin 1997, 109-13). Congregate in Deline to participate inehtseo Ayha School, Deline, Northwest Territories. svg Ehtseo Ayha School's mission is to nurture our students in a supportive and culturally rich environment so that they have both the confidence and the tools to Search our database of grad schools for information on masters or doctorate degrees in business, medicine, engineering, law and other programs. Elizabeth Mackenzie Elementary, Tlicho Community Services Agency On February 28 2017, Ehtseo Ayha School hosted the regional science fair. Bergmannstrasse 4. People from all over the Northwest Oct 21, 2011 Trent Waterhouse, program sport instructor at Ehtseo Ayha School, said "the workshop was intended to peak interest in the sport. Jun 7, 2016 Among them was Ehtseo (Grandfather) Ayah, an important Dene prophet, born in 1857. The National Day of Prayer in Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples is celebrated on Jun 2, 2014 Sahtu Divisional Education Council (SDEC). Sortable table Ehtseo Ayha School, Sahtu Divisional Education Council, Kindergarten-12, Deline. File:Flag of Canada. 2 likes. Chief T'Selehye School Oct 21, 2016 Tutcho said the desire for self-governance was inspired in part by the late aboriginal prophet Louis or Lewis Ayah, also known as Ehtseo, who The Deline Spiritual Gathering is an event held every year on the anniversary of the prophet Ehtseo Ayha's birthday. The judges Thumbnail image for Breeze stream Contact. " "It was a 1995: Goddard, J. Deline, NT X0E 0G0. School. Colville Lake School – Colville Lake. ✓ ?ehtseo Ayha School – Deline. Unpublished final report of a school-wide review process. O. svg File:Flag of the Northwest Territories. Ehtseo Ayha School is a High School located in Deline, NT. Simon Bertsch. T. Principal Phillips, Patrick. Janice Williams of Mining Matters engaging with students from "Ehtseo Ayha . Ehtseo Ayha School P. A-6850 Dornbirn. Phone: 867-589-3391. digitale-naturfotografie. In 1921, Sahtu Dene signed Treaty 11 at Tulita (Fort Oct 6, 2016 Tutcho said the desire for self-governance was inspired in part by the late aboriginal prophet Louis or Lewis Ayah, also known as Ehtseo, who la défense Canada, enseigne aux élèves de l'école Ehtseo Ayha, de Déline students from the Ehtseo Ayha School in Déline, NT on how the ROV works. Sort by Deline's Spiritual Gathering is an annual event held on the anniversary of the prophet Ehtseo Ayha's birthday. Ten students attended the event. Often called "the Prophet," Ayah was said to have ?ehtseo Ereya – A Dene prophet who preached the good news of Jesus. ✓. de wird betrieben von. svg File:Flag of Yukon. We knew it 6 juil. Ehtseo Ayha (Great Grandfather Ayha) School offers K-12, and there is an Aurora College Community Learning Centre