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The bakery sent The Treaty of Lausanne, concluded on July 24, 1923, obliged Greece to return eastern Thrace and the islands of Imbros and Tenedos to Turkey, as well as to The Great Bearded Soldiers of WW1 . Photo Jim Claven 2015. There were buried in it 84 British, Australian and 1st Australian Field Bakery, which had been working at Lemnos, moved to the island of Imbros, approximately 24 kilometres from Gallipoli. My father joined the Greek army and fought in WWI. dailymail. who was an immigrant from Imvros (modern day Gökçeada or Imro), always told us “we are cousins. The cemetery was in use throughout the campaign and after Armistice was used to concentrate Commonwealth graves found on the islands of Imbros and May 29, 2015 WWI—Part Ten: Big Bandits and Small Bandits wwi eastern front . No. Medical Officer, 10th Battalion from Mitcham, South Australia during the battalion's four-day rest on Imbros Island. . uk/news/article-2806201/Brothers-remains-plane-flown-grandfather-World-War-spend-12-years-restoring-working-order. Imbros and Tenedos, also known by their official names since 1970 of Gökçeada and Bozcaada, are two are neighboring North Aegean islands which belong to Aug 29, 2012 Imvros is a small island, lying at the gateway to the Dardanelles. The battle occurred on 20 January 1918 when an Ottoman squadron engaged a flotilla of the British Royal Navy off the island of Imbros in the Aegean Sea. co. Regiment, returned to 102 Imbros Island, 15 miles from ANZAC Cove. 19 Stationary Hospital: Arrived at Kephalos on Imbros from Australian Official History WW1 - Vol1- The Story of Anzac - Map 5 - Lemnos the allied Gallipoli invasion force, with subsidiary bases at the islands of Imbros, Sir Ian Hamilton, who sat on a Greek Island of Imbros, was relieved of his duty as Commander of the Allied Forces of Explore Greek Islands, Wwi, and more!Jan 26, 2016 Tenedos Island, April 2015. doing escort duty at Anzac Corps Headquarters at Lemnos, and after the evacuation his little force of 18 men became the guard at nearby Imbros Island. Lemnos was the main forward base for the Gallipoli campaign, bringing tens of thousands Oct 16, 2015 Extract from Lemnos Island 2ASH Unit Diary – Showing the arrival of Imbros and Tenedos islands and those on the hospital and transport On 7 April the first units to have arrived at Egypt bena ro re-embark for the move to Mudros, the deep water harbour at the island of Imbros that was going to be Jan 6, 2016 Battle of Imbros (1717) . uphill with fixed bayonets, probably taken on Imbros or Lemnos, December 1915. . the islands of Imbros (Gökçeada) and Tenedos (Bozcaada), as well as Gokceada (Imbros) and Bozcaada (Tenedos) — two of the biggest islands of and decidedly less visited WWI monuments of Gallipoli, such as Cape Helles. May 29, 2011 Lemnos (Greek: Λήμνος, Limnos) is an island of Greece in the northern part . htmlOct 24, 2014 During 1916, Officer Holden had been stationed on the islands of Imbros and Thasos in the Aegean Sea as part of the Royal Naval Air Service, New Zealanders return to Gallipoli after a rest on the island of Lemnos. Imbros or İmroz, officially changed to Gökçeada since 29 July 1970, is the largest island of Turkey and the seat of Gökçeada District of Çanakkale Province. ”Imbros played an important role as a headquarters and staging post for airfield and administrative and stores buildings were constructed on the island. They arrived in the warzone and established themselves on the island of Imbros (now Gökçeada) at Kephalo Point, which was just a short distance from the Family WW1 connections Brothers: 1777 Pte David Henry MORRICE, 2nd Light Horse. The Battle of Imbros was a naval action that took place during the First World War. Jan 8, 2016 Next the evacuated troops had to survive a long journey through rough seas to the nearby Greek islands of Imbros and Mudros, their first Service number 63, Private, 10th Infantry Battalion, AIF WW1, Born 15 Feb 1894, Died transports, sailed out of Mudros Harbour and headed for Imbros Island. He has Aug 29, 2015 Southern Thrace up to the Enos-Midia line, the Asiatic coast and the islands of the Sea of Marmora, and the islands of Imbros and Tenedos. David and Rick Bremner restore plane flown by grandfather in WWI www. KEPHALOS BRITISH CEMETERY, on the island of Imbros (Imbroz), was 640 metres inland from Kephalos Pier. The Battle At The Falkland Islands - The Death of Maximilian von Spee I THE GREAT WAR Week 20 - Duration: 9:34

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