Lg p999 unlock z3x

RJ45 cable with 3 microUSB connections to unlock, flash and repair LG microUSB head connector with 910k resistor: Flashing for LG Optimus P970 & P990 and Flashing + Unlock for LG Optimus P999. ebay. 56k – LG P970/P990 unlock; 130k – LG "service mode"; 910k – LG P970/P990 flash and LG P999 flash/unlock. Best of all, it's free!. 910k – LG P970/P990 flash and LG P999 flash/unlock. OCTOPUS Z3X MICRO USB LG P970 P990 P999 CABLE 56K 130K www. Find Quality Lg Unlock Box Brand Name: Z3X BOX gsm harbour's store. cable P999 USBZ3x LG Box + 23 cables it's first class device for servicing LG phones. Z3X Box Metal (2004-2011 version)Unlock LG G2x phone free in 3 easy steps! FreeUnlocks, a leading provider of LG Unlock Codes can locate your LG G2x Unlock Code fast. jpg 100% Guaranteed to unlock your LG G2X P999 We can Buy Lg Unlock Box from Reliable China Lg Unlock Box suppliers. com/itm/OCTOPUS-Z3X-MICRO-USB-LG-P970-P990-P999-CABLE-56K-130K-910K-VARIABLE-RESISTOR-/131321398015Z3X Box Samsung & LG. US $180. How to Unlock LG P999 Octopus, Octoplus Box - Desbloqueio LG P990 via Octopus. . Any LG model that requires resistor with 56K, 130K or 910K. Sep 9, 2014 Tutorial de desbloqueio LG P990 via Octopus box. Z3X Box LG. Support wide Model, Flashing, NVM read, NVM write, Repair*, Repair IMEI, Unlock. P970 Functions of the Resistor switch. Compatible devices Mbc (Multiple Boot Cable) For Samsung/Lg z3x Octopus Octoplus Box http://cellphoneunlock. 00 / piece Z3x All-in-One (LG+Samsung PRO+China) + 44 cables it's unique solution for Samsung, LG and -Write IMEI and unlock in flash mode (no bypass msl, no more BUG ;-)) supported all known models and future models . net/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/lg-optimus-2x-300x225

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