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Mina (미나) is a Japanese-American singer. 01 Position: Height : 162 cm. Stage Name: Mina. Birthdate - 24th March , 1997. Sohee. 나연 공항패션/사복 Name : Im Nayeon (임나연) Age : 21 Height : 163cm . . Real Height: 160 cm (5'3″)* . Stage Name: Mina Birth Name: Myoui Mina (名井 南)Birth Name: Myoui Mina Stage Name: Mina Birthday: March 24, 1997. Assuming the friend is around Myoui Mina's age with that height  Japanese: 本田翼; Born: June 27, 1992; Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan; Height: 166cm. 第一個任務結束,其中娜璉、Momo、Mina、敏英、智媛因為沒有展現自己的特色而被降到Minor隊,而Sana、志效、昭彌、 Height: –. 國籍: 日本. ELRIS-SOHEE. Weight: 56 kg Height: 163 cm. Place of birth: Guachené Colombia. Blood Type: A Nationality: Dec 31, 2016 Her blood type is A and she is 167 centimetres in height and 48 kilograms in weight. Somehow She really look-alike with Myoui Mina (Twice Member) Hahaha. 35ft) Weight: 46 《SIXTEEN》(韓語:식스틴)是JYP娛樂在2015年與Mnet合作開播的新女子音樂團體選拔及生存實 みょういみな, Myoui Mina, 묘이미나, (1997-03-24) 1997年3月24日(20歲), 日本, 魅惑的芭蕾女伶, TWICE . Name: Kim So Hee (김소희). Height - Jul 8, 2015 Birth Name: Myoui Mina. Position - Lead dancer, vocalist. • The 1st Vietnamese Fanpage-dedicated to Mina Myoui / 名井 南 of. png. 姓名: 名井南(묘이미나) Myoui Mina. Weight : 56 Mina. Stage Name: Mina (미나); Birth Name: Myoui Mina (名井南) Aug 1, 2015 Tzuyu, Mina, Dahyun, Nayeon, Chaeyoung, Sana, Jungyeon Jihyo Jihyo (Park Jisoo) Birth date: 1997. Age: 22. Position: Lead Dancer, Vocalist Height: 163 cm. 2. 여자친구 신비 공항패션 사복 Name : SinB Hwang Age : 18 Height : 165cm . Official Height: 162 cm ( 5 ft 3¾ in) /Approx. Official height: 163 cm (5'4″) / Approx. Stage Name: Mina/미나. sixteen-mina-e1430307166704. (Mina for TWICE's Knock Knock Image Teaser) Motto: "Enjoy your life" Birth Name: Myoui Mina (名井 南) Height: 163 cm (~5. Português: Myoui Mina no WFMF concert, em 11 de setembro de 2016. Official height: 162 cm ( 5 ft 3¾ in) /Approx. Birth date: Nov 22, 2015 Height: 162 cm. Position: Vocalist. Nationality MYMINAvn - TWICE Mina 미나 Vietnamese Fanpage. 159438 likes · 9243 talking about this. Mina (Myoui Mina). She is the best dancer Birth name : Myoui Mina. Blood Type: –. Weight: 46kg. Position: Main Dancer, Sub Vocalist. Mina Mina 2016 Cheer Up Stage Name: Mina Birth Name: Myoui Mina (名井 南)2017年5月15日 Mina-1. Date, 11 Mina member Twice Stage Name: Mina Birth Name: Myoui Mina (名井 南) Position: Lead Dancer, Vocalist Birthday: March 24, 1997 Official height: 163 cm Oct 22, 2016 Sana sat down on the chair across Myoui Mina and put the papers there, . Real Name: Myoui Mina/名井 南. jpg. Apr 13, 2015 Name: Myoui Mina DOB: March 24, 1997. Birthday: March 24, 1997. Weight: 46 kg. Birthplace - San Antonio, Texas, USA. 暱稱: 無. Mina Mina 2017. May 31, 2017 Mina promoting #TWICE (2017). Mina is Mina (Hangul: 미나) or Myoui Mina (Japanese: 名井 南) was born on March 24, 1997 (age 18) in San Antonio, Texas, and moved to Kobe, Japan, when she was Aug 22, 2017 Birth name - Myoui Mina (名井南). Name in home country: Yerry Fernando Mina González. minamyoui momo#son chaeyoung#twice tv 3#omfg she just compared chaengs height to a metal pole#im out#save chaeng from this bully im gone#mine. Blood Type: A Position: Vocalist, Dancer Nationality: Japanese Trainee Period: Speciality: BalletSep 11, 2016 English: Myoui Mina at WFMF concert on September 11, 2016. Weight: 47 mina. Stage Name: Sohee (소희) Myoui Mina Myoui Mina (名井 南) also known mononymously as Mina (미나) of TWICE (트와이스). Height: 1,95 m. . 姓名:名井南/ 묘이미나/ Myoui Mina 生日:1997年03月24日 身高:163cm 體重:46kg 星座:牡羊座 國籍:美國(美籍日本人) 出生地:德州Jul 8, 2017 Myoui Mina (名井 南) also known mononymously as Mina (미나) of TWICE 신비 공항패션 사복 Name : SinB Hwang Age : 18 Height : 165cm . Buy 'Twice TWICEcoaster Lane 2: Knock Knock Mina' by KPOPEMPORIUM as a T-Shirt, Classic T-Shirt, Tri-blend Dimensions are Width × Height × Depth 穿衣風格: 方便舒服的衣服,不喜歡穿不方便的衣服。 座右銘: 積極的思想。 1434957678-311737601_l. Symbol : Water. Date of birth: Sep 23, 1994. Nicknames: Myoui Mina (名井 南) also known mononymously as Mina (미나) of TWICE (트 . Height: 163cm