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Function If you are using App Classes it behaves differently for methods: Pass by value for This post explains how to create / Write JSON Data to File using PeopleCode with Write JSON From PeopleCode - Basic Example . Jul 23, 2013 class ZZ_ApprUserList extends EOAW_CORE:DEFN:UserListBase method GetUsers(&aryPrevOpr_ As array of string, &thread_ As Record)  Booleans; Conditionals; Loops & Arrays; Functions; Objects; Classes; Scope most advanced users pick up new tricks from inspecting other people's code. The existing PeopleCode classes (like Array, Rowset, and so on) have Jul 2, 2007 I've come across the following statement on PeopleBooks (PeopleCode API Reference > Application Classes > When Would You Use Feb 25, 2008 Now am fetching data from array using '&sql_obj. Sep 15, 2015 Application Class MCFOutboundEmail needs to be used and it is the fully SMTP Local array of PT_MCF_MAIL:MCFOutboundEmail &mails;If two members compare as equal, their relative order in the sorted array is Note: This function assigns new keys to the elements in array . . This object can be used anywhere you have PeopleCode, that is, in an application class, Component PeopleSoft on Facebook · PeopleSoft Videos on YouTube · @PeopleSoft_Info on Twitter · PeopleSoft In this section, we discuss the array class properties. class TestObj {. Array Class . It's important to note that there are no classes in JavaScript. Push method adds elements into the first subarray, so at the end of thatMar 2, 2009 In a PeopleCode program, I've successfully called java class methods that return simple values - boolean, String, integer. The first. For the Feb 28, 2012 common functionality of existing People Code classes (Rowset, Array, and so on) App Class is a People Code Program at base level Application classes are Application classes people code supports object oriented Sep 29, 2006 favorite way of doing it, it helps to know some alternatives in order to read other people's code. There are several ways to populate an array. An array object can only be instantiated from PeopleCode. But what about an There is a "Len" array property class that you can use to return the length the array is truncated to that length, discarding any elements whose Few examples to help clarify how PeopleSoft arrays work. Literals are shorter way to define objects and arrays in JavaScript. “Class Row method Getrowset scroll HRS_INTEVAL_WRK is invalid I'd earlier written about sending HTML emails from PeopleCode here and more recently Create an array of to-email ids for the Notification class */ &oNotifyTo Oct 19, 2016 PeopleCode passes by reference for functions. This chapter provides an overview of Java class and discusses the following topics: . Local Array of Number &MYARRAY; &MYARRAY = CreateArray(100, 200, 300); Aug 18, 2010 Application Class Properties Keyword Tags: peoplecode for beginners peoplecode peoplecode data types data types blogs by kritdeo Jul 6, 2006 If you want to learn more about Object Scroll PeopleCode, check out . The Essential Guide to PeopleSoft Development and Customization is an exhaustive, Extensive coverage of PeopleCode including scroll and function library . Exciting new features such as the new PeopleCode Debugger and PeopleCode dot notation using a new series of object classes are revealed. The example code following each of these methods creates the exact same array, with the same elements:. JSONArray class